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CSUN Calendar

Sachin and Sumit

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Or say "Alexa, enable CSUN Calendar"

Get your CSUN calendar on Alexa

Ask Alexa about the events held at CSUN. <br/>Alexa will provide details of upcoming events and scheduled activities.<br/><br/>Developers:<br/>1] Sachin Bhalekar (AWS Certified SysOps Admin - Associate) [GitHub: https://github.com/sachinbhalekar]<br/>2] Sumit Jawale (AWS Certified SysOps Admin - Associate) [GitHub: https://github.com/jawalesumit | Website: https://jawalesumit.github.io/]

Invocation Name

c. sun calendar

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask c sun calendar, for today events.
get me stuff happening Tuesday
events for 18th of July

Release Date

May 8th 2018